Summertime is Membership Drive time at COL!

Membership has its own rewards!


Visit COL!

Come by and visit our club any 3rd or 4th  Friday of the month.  Best time is between 4:00-9:00 pm.  Cannot make it at those times?  Call (631-563-0173) to set up an appointment.  You can also email us at:

Check out the club!

Check out the size of the club layout!  Over 2 scale miles per line; and we have 4 main lines.  Along with 2 elevated lines, 2 subway lines and 2 ON-30 lines!   See how to operate trains on this massive scale layout!  We use conventional,  DCS system and Lionel Legacy control.  Learn which is which and how we use them to run trains on the club's layout.

Check out our members!

We have a wide range of members at COL.  Men, women and young people are welcome to be a part of our club!  All share the same benefits of membership! All share a passion for collecting and running trains! 

Work with us to help the community!

Want to give back to the community? Well, we run two fundraisers for local families living on Long Island!  In October, we have a Long Island Cares Food Drive.  Then in November, we have a Toys for Tots toy drive that is run by the United States Marine Corps.  Both of these events are a weekend long.  The collected items go directly to local Long Island families!

Be a part of Open Houses!

This is when members show off their trains while entertaining visitors!  We have several Open Houses a year where we, the members, run our trains and speak with visitors who see how our club changes and grows!


Is there a probationary period?  Yes, three months after joining.

What happens after three months?  You are voted in by the membership, and get your own key to the club.

Do I have to do anything at the club to be a member?  While we do not expect you to work at COL, we do ask that you help around the club.  Especially at our Open Houses and other special events.

And if you are knowledgeable in building, detailing or electrical work, your help is always sought after!