Central Operating Lines LTD, Model Railroading

(A New York State Not-For-Profit Organization)

Club Events

Open House Schedule

Long Island Cares Event: Please bring a non-perishable food item to donate.

Toys for Tots Event: Please bring an unwrapped NEW toy for donation to US Marine Corps.

All events are from 11:Am to 4PM. Free Admission

Our new facility is now in its 5th year of work in progress

There are 4 main line with over 2 scale miles of track on each line.

An ON-30 logging and main line is atop a 34 foot long mountain that has an open trestle.

2 elevated subway lines going between two city areas.

2 Newly installed underneath subway lines.

Flat Iron Building, and our turntable/yard section house main 2 buildings.

New Grand Central Building/Pan am Building ( a work in progress).

Come and see something no other has; A Thunder Storm!

Come and see our club grow and develop.